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Cash Deposit

Digital Seva Center is a government initiative that aims to provide digital services to citizens in a convenient and accessible manner. One of the services offered by Digital Seva Center is the ability for retailers to provide cash deposit services to their customers.

Retailers who participate in this service can earn commission on every transaction made through the Digital Seva Center. This not only allows retailers to earn additional revenue, but it also helps to promote the use of digital services in the community.

Customers can deposit cash at the retailer’s location, and the funds will be credited to their digital wallet or bank account. This service is especially useful for individuals who may not have access to traditional banking services or who prefer to use digital transactions.

By providing cash deposit services through Digital Seva Center, retailers can play an important role in promoting financial inclusion and digital literacy in their community. They also help in making the digital service more accessible for people who are not able to access the internet, and digital payment gateways.

Overall, the Digital Seva Center’s cash deposit service is a great opportunity for retailers to earn additional revenue and contribute to the growth of digital services in the community.