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Loan Repayment

Digital Seva Center is a government-authorized portal that provides a wide range of services to citizens, including financial services. One of the services provided by the portal is the loan repayment facility. As a retailer in Digital Seva Center, retailers can offer loan repayment facility to citizens in their area.

The loan repayment facility allows citizens to make payments towards their loan through the Digital Seva Center portal. This facility is available for various types of loans including personal, business, and home loans. By providing this facility, retailers can assist citizens in managing their loan repayment process, which can help them to avoid defaults and maintain a good credit score.

The Digital Seva Center portal provides a secure and convenient platform for loan repayment. Citizens can make payments towards their loan using various modes of payment including debit card, credit card, net banking, and UPI. The portal also provides the facility of appointment scheduling, so citizens can schedule their visit as per their convenience.

Retailers at Digital Seva Center are trained and authorized by the government to provide financial services, ensuring that the process is secure and efficient. By becoming a retailer in Digital Seva Center, individuals can help citizens in their area to access loan repayment facility and manage their loan repayment process more effectively. This can help citizens to maintain a good credit score, and also to get loan in future if needed.